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 Technical data:

  •  Measurement Frequency: 300-500 MHz
  •  Measurement Area: All consistency areas
  •  Temperature Area: 0 to + 60 °C
  •  Output: 0-20 mA
  •  Power Supply: Storage battery 14.4V, 16000 mAh
  •  Size of Sensor:Diameter 105 mm, length 35 mm
  •  Size of Mounting Attachment:Diameter 175 mm, height 10 mm
  •  Industry-standard analogue output module
  •  Output areas: 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
  •  Included antenna
  •  Additional open collector outputs for the status of the storage battery and status of the sensor for transfer to the PLC
  •  Robust IP65 terminal box
  •  Radio frequency 2.4 GHz, license-free wave band, CE/FCC authorization
  •  Changeable battery pack, 70 hours of operation
  •  Intelligent battery quick-charging system with conservation charging

 Characteristics of the Bikotronic Microwave Sensor type 18P:

  •  Characteristics of the Bikotronic Microwave Sensor type 18P:
  •  Extremely wear-resistant ceramic plate, 10 mm (= 3/8”) thick over the whole surface
  •  Temperature stable electronics from 0 to 60°C
  •  Absolute linearity which makes it possible to measure precisely the moisture content of very dry concrete as well as very wet concrete
  •  The sensors have been developed in cooperation with the chair for high frequency engineering of the technical faculty of the Christian-Albrecht-University in Kiel. The measurement accuracy of the Bikotronic microwave sensors in the laboratory is better than 0.1%.
  •  The sensor uses the high-frequency method to determine the moisture content in the concrete. Here, the dielectric constant of water (e = 80) is compared with that of the material. This measuring result is converted by the analyzing electronics and the moisture content is output as a percentage.