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Each emergency and rip cord switch is displayed separately. If it is active, the corresponding lamp is blinking and an error message will appear. All error messages are saved in a data file and can be arranged in any order for later check-up.


  • Easy operation of the plant
  • Output of error messages
  • Individually adjustable control times
  • Counter for operating hours for all drives

Maintenance module

  • Each motor, each valve and each limit switch can be supervised. If a previously defined condition is fulfilled, a message in cleartext will appear which is stored in a file for later processing.
  • Operating time For example: Change the gear oil of the crusher after 500 operating hours. The current operating time is constantly displayed.
  • Switching cycles For example: Retighten the screws after 200 switching cycles. The current number of switching cycles is constantly displayed.
  • One-time message: e.g. full status signal silo; time periodical: e.g. biweekly; time absolut: e.g. 18 January 2013

Automatic setup for the adjustable dosing flap

  • The flap will be opened with the start button after entering the number of measuring points and the time intervals with material flow time. The material flow is measured on the belt weigher and the dosing curve of the dosing flaps will be automatically created and saved.
  • The specific measuring results are displayed tabularly and graphically.
  • The automatic setup for the dosing flaps can be repeated at will.